Pilgrim Farming, Walsingham

Welcome to Pilgrim Farming, North Norfolk.

Pilgrim farming is a ‘Joint Venture’ farming business based at Walsingham in North Norfolk.

The company specialises in providing a highly efficient contracting business to its farming clients. From whole farm contract farming agreements, to single operation contract work, Pilgrim Farming is available to assist farming businesses to become more efficient.

Pilgrim Farming operates a modern set of well-maintained farm equipment for large scale arable work, with highly trained operators, utilising GPS technology for optimum efficiency. We offer variable rate seed application at drilling, and variable rate fertiliser spreading utilising SOYL mapping technology.

Pilgrim Farming, Walsingham
Pilgrim Farming, Walsingham

Pilgrim Farming is actively involved with implementing and managing Environmental Stewardship schemes alongside arable and grassland crops, as an important part of sustainable Agriculture.

Our policy is to drive down fixed costs in farming, by utilizing expensive machinery over a large area, and matching its capacity to optimize efficiency in the use of seed, fertiliser and pesticides, to maximise crop output.

The removal of direct subsidies from farm businesses has driven our model, and we are looking to join up with new farming partners, whom can also benefit by farming with Pilgrim Farming.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help or work alongside your business, please contact us for an informal meeting.

The most important thing is the chemistry between these two guys. If they didn’t get on it would not work. It is no good just saying: We are neighbours so we need to be partners. It won’t necessarily work like that.

Chris Hill - EDP